Debra Childs

Debra Childs, Executive Director
Debra Childs, founding director of Time to Put Kids First and international vocal advocate for children and families, is a recognized activist, trailblazer, and leader. Born and raised on a farm in the state of New Hampshire, Ms. Childs understands the value of hard work. She prides herself on her honesty, integrity, and on her sense of both personal responsibility and accountability. She has high energy, a contagious optimism and unparalleled determination. 

Ms. Childs is a seasoned business professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the IT field and nearly 30 years of volunteerism, working with families, children, elderly, veterans, and abuse victims, where she has filled many roles from caregiver, counselor and teacher, to building restoration, painting and site preparation. She holds an ABS in Business Management, ABS in Executive Office Management, a BS in Psychology and Human Services, a BS in Technical Management, two Master’s certificates in Project Management, an MS in Organizational Leadership, and she is currently pursuing her Executive Juris Doctorate. 

Ms. Childs is a child of divorce and a single mother. When she learned she was going to be a grandmother, she packed her things, leaving her home of more than 40 years, and she moved across the country to be near her granddaughter. In 2014, at just a week old, her granddaughter was taken out of state and withheld from her paternal family. In an effort to cope with the emotional impact this caused, Ms. Childs decided to focus all of her energy on helping to restore parent-child, family and human relationships, and she co-founded Time to Put Kids First. Leaving corporate America after a 20-year career, gave her the opportunity to focus on this passion full time.   
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