Sam Thigpen

Sam Thigpen, Director 
Sam Thigpen is a recognized business leader, entrepreneur, and business startup expert. Drawing from his experience in various entrepreneurial, private equity, and corporate ventures, Mr. Thigpen delivers remarkable leadership to any organization. Much of his career has focused on the development of startup and business management philosophies instrumental in the exponential growth and development of startup companies. His primary business philosophy areas of focus include culture, communication, and management team development. 

Throughout his more than 20 years in the energy business, Mr. Thigpen has successfully gained expertise in the energy services, mid-stream, and manufacturing sectors. His unique understanding of the energy market allows for a collaboration of management techniques and styles resulting in the development of a highly energized organizational culture. 

Mr. Thigpen is a highly regarded business leader and has participated as a speaker at trade shows, seminars, and in front of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Additionally, he is a lifetime member of the Conroe Masonic Lodge #748, a lifetime member of MENSA, a member of the Truth @ Work Roundtable at The Woodlands Church, and has held various Board of Director level positions in a Houston area non-profit organization. 
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