Reunification Program

Reunification Program


In cases of parental abduction or extreme parental alienation (PA), the reunification process can be painful, challenging, and slow. TPKF has worked hard to build a program that not only spreads awareness of our plight and the importance of reunification, but also helps serve children and families in need. Through a wide variety of reunification and relationship building experiences, TPKF will facilitate outings, day-trips, retreats, and other activities that will help to create memories and strengthen parent-child relationships. Our goal is not to replace or make up for lost time, but, to help children and parents enjoy experiences that create lasting memories for decades to come. By raising awareness, helping to heal, and creating connections, we seek to transform the lives of children and families.

Reunification Retreat

A Reunification Retreat allows parent and child an escape from their day-to-day life and environment to take time just for themselves – to talk, bond, and to make long-lasting memories. TPKF provides an all-expense paid trip for parent and child to a destination of their choice (from our available options), with a schedule tailored to their interests and specific needs. Reunifying families and restoring family-bonds is crucial to the growth and development of children, and also the well-being of parents, extended families, and society.

Selection Process

The Reunification Retreat selection procedures begin approximately one year prior to the retreat, and includes an application process, background check, a review of court documents (specifically, the parenting plan), and a series of interviews. The selection process for other reunification experiences vary.

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