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Creating a happier, healthier society by helping children and families break the cycle of divorce and separation by making Shared Parenting and Co-Parenting the new societal norm. 
How We Are Working to Restore Families:


We provide education in many areas for all ages, and our research team works to collect relevant data to expand our educational offerings. We are building partnerships with schools and other organizations, which will be followed by presentations and curriculum.


TPKF facilitates support groups and works to help connect people with locals in their area (as well as local resources). We also provide an online support system through our social media pages, online community, as well as individual support to those who reach out to us directly.


By raising awareness, helping to heal, and creating connections, we transform the lives of children and families. Through a variety of reunification experiences, TPKF helps to create memories, strengthen parent-child bonds, and improve family relationships for generations to come.

How We're
Making a

Time to Put Kids First's programs focus to prevent further breakdown of the family by working to make shared parenting and Co-Parenting the norm in separated families and creating a happier, healthier society by promoting the importance of parent-child and family relationships.
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