Bryan's Impact

Bryan's Story
Bryan's Story:

       When parents and children are separated for extended periods of time, the reunification process can be painful, challenging, and slow. Bryan Thouvenel, proud father of 3, from Oregon state, is living this now. Bryan is a hard-working, family man, and his three daughters, aged 5, 14, and 17, are his world. Bryan and the mother of his two older daughters have a great Co-Parenting relationship which allows their daughters to feel open and comfortable about having strong relationships with both of their parents. Bryan and his eldest daughter's mother work as a team in order to raise their children regardless of any personal differences they may have.

       While Bryan’s two eldest daughters are fortunate enough to have this arrangement, Bryan’s youngest is not so lucky. When she was only two years old, Harmony's mother took her from her father, crossing state lines, with no intent to return. This was a clear attempt to completely sever and break the very close bond between Bryan and his youngest child. Immediately, Bryan took action, looking toward legal counsel in order to regain contact with his daughter and to ensure her safety. Discouraged, heartbroken, and consumed with worry, after receiving little help, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Bryan learned the ropes of the legal system, and he chose to represent himself. Although the whole process was foreign to anything he had previously done, his love and passion gave him the motivation and strength to learn and to do his best in order to protect his daughter and to be the father that his little girl deserved.
       After two long years of sleepless nights, consumed with heartache and worry, and after many tears, Bryan was reunited with his daughter where he experienced one of the most emotional days of his entire life. Full of happiness, hope and fear, this began their journey to reconnect, restore their bond, and to finally heal their broken hearts. For the first time in two years, this fragile little girl was also able to reunite with her paternal grandmother and her 2 sisters. Since that precious day, Bryan has been working hard to rebuild and strengthen their relationship, and to help her through her pain and severe separation-anxiety due to the trauma of being separated from her father. With their busy schedule, including his older daughters’ school activities, and his full-time job, it is challenging for them to spend one-on-one time, for just the two of them. Stories such as Bryan and his daughter’s is the precise reason TPKF created their Reunification 
       The day Bryan and his daughter were reunited after two years apart.
Retreat Program, to help serve families in such hardships and to provide a service where children and parents can have that crucial one-on-one time to restore their relationships and begin creating memories that will last a lifetime.
TPKF's Impact:       

       In May of 2016, TPKF sent Bryan and his daughter to Hawaii, to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beach and tropics. A place to escape from their everyday life, take part in relationship-building activities, and enjoy each other’s company. TPKF understands the importance of the reunification of families and restoring family-bonds; these are vital to the growth and development of children, the well-being of parents, extended families, and society as a whole! This is was the first retreat, with great anticipation of many more to come.

       With the news of this retreat in April of 2016, Bryan's and his daughter's story went viral, reaching not only across the United States but to other countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa! The message reached millions of households to spread the importance of parent-child relationships which is a crucial part of TPKF's Mission. 
What Bryan says about the retreat:

"I am truly blessed! The reunification retreat was an awakening experience for my daughter and I. After 2 years apart and no strong memories of our time before, it provided us with a memory we continually talk about. It helped us build trust in one another, taught us time together is the most valuable part of being a father or a child, and brought the kind of love to our hearts that proved time and distance never changes the direction of the heart. Our time in Hawaii was filled with fun, but even more than that, lessons. Lessons that redefined our role as a father and daughter.
Through this trip, I learned that the pain of our story no longer mattered. Truths became irrelevant. It didn't matter anymore what my truth was, or what her mother's truth was. Tainting a child's mind and memory with bitter stories only harmed their heart. Why would we harm our children like that? They don't care about our past; they only want to love us both.

TPKF sent us on this wonderful trip which brought my daughter and I closer together. It was an awakening that taught us the value and importance of not just being a parent or child, but also in doing right by the heart, and the value in truly being family. Thank you TPKF for this life changing opportunity."
Memories to last a lifetime:
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