Who We Are
1 in 3 children grow up in single parent homes
More than 90% of custody cases result in children living with only one parent
More than 85% of adult-children wished they had more time with their other parent while growing up.
We are committed to change

Making Shared Parenting and Co-Parenting the new norm in separated families 
in order to 
end the cycle of divorce and separation
TPKF is a vocal advocate for children and families. We promote and educate on the importance of Co-Parenting and shared parenting in order to improve the quality of life for children, who are the foundation of our society and its future. Our goal is to restore the value of parent-child and family relationships and instill healthy Co-Parenting as the new norm for separated families in order to end the cycle of divorce and separation!


Improving the quality of life for children by restoring the value of parent-child and family relationships.

Making co-parenting and shared parenting the new norm in separated families.

Serving exclusively as a charity to educate, advocate, support families and transform lives.


We are an organization solely operated by volunteers, all with an unwavering commitment to the cause. 

Volunteers since Incorporation
Volunteer hours since Incorporation
Organizational History
The organization was founded by a father who quickly found there were major flaws, downfalls, and loopholes with the current system after his child was taken from him at just a week old. In a short time, he was able to connect with people across the globe experiencing similar struggles, and he realized the scope of the issue and the need for change. His experience provided visibility into not only the flaws in the family court system, but in our society – across the United States and across the world.

The name Time to Put Kids First was derived from a history of children being put in the middle of custody disputes and ultimately suffering as a result.

TPKF filed its Articles of Incorporation on December 13, 2014 and became a Washington State Non-profit. In March of 2015, the organization became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit. By April 2015, TPKF was already supporting families in every U.S. state and reaching 45 countries. In July 2015, TPKF held its opening event fundraiser which took place in the states of WA and NH. On October 1, 2015, Time to Put Kids First became registered to operate on the ground in Idaho.

In TPKF’s first year, 107 volunteers gave more than 6,850 hours of their time supporting our cause. Also, 25 business partners and 44 individual contributors and members helped fund our work.

In March 2016, TPKF became registered to operate in Hawaii.
In May of 2016, we held our first annual Reunification Retreat where we sent a father and daughter on an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii after a 2-year separation. In October 2016, TPKF kicked off its Co-Parenting Program.

In January 2017, TPKF became registered to operate in New Hampshire.  By March of 2017, TPKF had helped 68,450 families, and our Co-Parenting program had more than 3,100 subscribers. 
In June of 2017, TPKF was recognized as the 2017 Best of Vancouver Non-Profit Organization.
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