Youth Programs
What We Do:
TPKF is focused on preventing the continued increase in divorce and separation and see's that this begins with our youth. Children who have been through their parents divorce and separation need the right tools to help them through these situations and to help them develop into well-rounded adults that can form health lifelong relationships in order to help them break the cycle of divorce and separation. Our programs are focused to give children the resources they need to break this cycle for their families and create a happier, healthier society.
Provide printed materials to schools in order to equip and inform parents, educators, and students. Materials are targeted and age-appropriate for children.

Provide presentations, panels, and workshops targeted for specific age groups. These will include panels of parents, adult children of divorce and hands-on workshops for children.

Work with partner organizations to implement curriculum pertaining to developing healthy relationships and healthy parenting/co-parenting.

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